The Alhambra

The History of The Alhambra Campus

The Alhambra, the former engineering and manufacturing facility for C.F. Braun, with the clear vision of creating an idyllic ‘urban community’ filled with a diverse representation of industry and activity. It is a truly unique 45-acre business park, and a larger answer reflects the location’s long history in Alhambra and the fact that over the years it has become something of a landmark.

Braun started developing the campus in the early 1920s after relocating from San Francisco. He hired the prominent Pasadena architecture firm headed by Sylvanus Marsten to create a new look for his company’s world headquarters. That look was completed in the early 1940s and much of the current facility retains the spirit of that design.

Another aspect of the current business park is the layout of the facility itself. There are 17 buildings in the complex and they all face inward most over courtyards of greenery and gardens. Many of the offices and hallways retain the wood paneling from an earlier time. There is also an auditorium on campus that seats 200. Vehicular parking, which in many business parks is directly adjacent to individual buildings, is located on the perimeter of the complex.


The Alhambra